About Us

BLACK AND BLANC was founded in 2017 in Dubai, a beautiful city and an iconic landmark in the whole world that deserves nothing but the best; And we are here to provide the best. Our flowers are not only the perfect gift item, but a spectacular home decor and phenomenon fashion item. and a spectacular fashi Our name consists of two words: BLACK as the first color in the color chart, and BLANC, the french word for white as the last color in the chart. We intent to have black and white flowers and everything in between. Since the beginning, our passion for floristry and interior design has influenced the development of luxurious floral arrangements, each being the result of the highest quality standards that is combined with innovative design.

Thanks to innovative procedures, the company develops precious arrangements, that maintain freshness for several years. The Infinity Collection consists of real, everlasting roses and is available in three sizes and more than 10 different colors.

This website is also owned and managed by BLACK AND BLANC.

If you place your order after 12:00 PM, then it will be delivered next day